Chicken Attack

Chicken Attack

Chicken Attack is a game where you´re a hen trying to save her chicks
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Chicken Attack is a brick-busting game where you´re a hen trying to save her chicks from turning into dinner.
You will have to guide the character while it shoots bricks and obstacles running around the screen and collecting its baby chicks.

As in every brick-busting game, you will have power-ups, bonus worms and treasures that will fall over you as the levels progress. Beware, green worms are good (they provide you, for example, with an elastic band that holds the ball, of turn your bat into a gun, and things like that), but black worms will be harmful.

As you destroy blocks, you will be able to touch some panels, that will you grant access to the place where the chicks are caged. You must destroy the cages to collect your chicks and get them back home.

As the game progress, the levels will be harder, new blocks and characters will appear, and you will have new power-ups.

The version of the game that you can download is a sixty minutes trial. After that time, you will have to buy the game in order to keep playing it.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It has nice graphics and sound. It´s a very addictive game


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